How to become a member

Benefit of Membership

All interested physicians are cordially invited to become member of Swiss-MIS (Swiss Minimally Invasive Surgery), including residents in training. The first year of membership is free for residents. There are numerous advantages of being a Swiss-MIS member including:

  • possibilities of training
  • continuous education
  • courses
  • conferences
  • and most importantly to increase contacts with other physicians interested in minimally invasive surgery


Become a Member

The annual fee for membership is currently CHF 50.

The Swiss-MIS membership enables also to become a member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery (EAES).

In fact, there is a co-membership between Swiss-MIS and EAES, which permits the members to benefit from the continuous education of both organisations. The journal Surgical Endoscopy is included in this membership.

The annual fees are CHF 167.00 for board certified physicians and CHF 50.00 for residents, respectively.


Do you wish to become a member of the Swiss-MIS?

Please send us the completed form: Swiss-MIS Membership Application (german/french) or fill out the contact form:


    Name of two senior surgeons working in Switzerland who can serve as reference