Corso laparoscopia

Organizing Institution eoc
Location Ospedale Regionale di Lugano
Date,Time 04/06/2021, Ganzt├Ągig
Usual Date and Duration 1 day, beginning of June

Exact date will be provided later

Organizing Surgeon Prof. D. Christoforidis
Dr. med. Barbara Pravini
Hours Theoretical Lessons 1h
Content Theory Laparoscopic tour, instruments
Hours Hand on Theory 7
Skills Level beginner, intermediate
Teaching Material Pelvitrainer simple gadgets, true organs (pig)
Types of excercises Cholecystectomy, gastric sutures, gastro-enteroanastomosis, colorectal anastomosis
Max Participants 12
Usual Requests for participating equal to the available slots
Total Teachers 4-5
Participants per Teacher 2
Participants per Station 2
Course Fee free
Sponsors Medtronic
Registration Email

Lunch and coffee breaks included

Ospedale Regionale di Lugano
Via Tesserete 46
6900 Lugano

Corso laparoscopia